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3. Commenting on posts
4. Commenting of items
6. Posting info about exhibitions
7. Posting feedback
8. Upload your goods
9. Creating collections (galleries)
10. Sale of goods, items, artworks
11. How to use tags?
13. Как создать несколько галерей?
14. Не все работы отображаются в личном кабинете
How to Price Your Artwork

1.1 It is recommended:

- Provide your real data when registering - this will make it easier for acquaintances to find you.
- As an avatar upload a photo with your image, the buyer has more confidence in the photo of the author.
- Provide the e-mail address and phone number you use. This will make it easier to recover your password if needed.
- Confirm your e-mail to be able to add works, participate in contests, auctions, post events, comment, write posts.
- Indicate who you are in the art world (amateur, collector, artist, dealer or gallery representative) and your preferences. This will help you not only find like-minded people, but also receive personalized recommendations from ArtAlebrio.

1.2 You may not:

1.2.1 - Use profane, obscene, offensive words as a nickname.
1.2.2 - Upload violent, pornographic or other people's pictures as avatar or background image without the owner's consent.
1.2.3 - Place advertising information on the avatar.
1.3 You may:
- Use an alias as a nickname.
- Not upload anything as an avatar or background image.

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