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How to sell


  • Selling items on the website artAlebrio.com begins with registering your store or personal seller profile and uploading images of your items in your personal account (Store).

This policy is part of our Terms of Use . By opening a store on artAlebrio, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.

1. Registration page

The registration card must indicate:

  1. Select category: Artist (seller) / Collector (not seller) / Gallery / Organization
  2. Seller's name or nickname (Name of store or gallery)
  3. Phone number (with country code)
  4. Select the currency in which you will sell your goods
  5. Email, please repeat your email correctly.
  6. Create a password for your profile
  7. Repeat your password
  8. Select your country of residence
  9. City of residence

After filling out the registration information, you will receive an email with a link to activate your profile (Store).

Congratulations! Your Store has been created.

2. Product placement

In the menu, select -Add listing-

  1. upload photos of your items. If necessary, you can rotate or crop the product photo by clicking on the corresponding icon
    (uploading items videos is available for the Premium tariff
  2. A collection of your listing. You can create and group your products by themes or categories. Or upload to your shared directory.
  3. Select Listing category
  4. Indicate the title of the work (without emojis and emoticons, without composition of materials and translation into other languages)
    You can fill in all the necessary information in the description
  5. Indicate the year of creation
  6. Choose the style and direction in which your work is made.
  7. Indicate keywords for your product that successfully characterize it. Write words without the # symbol
  8. Select the equipment used and materials used to create your product
  9. Please indicate dimensions - length, height, width
  10. Please check if the product is suitable for persons under 18+
  11. Specify the main colors of the product
  12. Select from the list:
    • For sale
    • Not for sale
    • Sold
  13. For sale. Specify product type
    • Unique copy (made in a single copy)
    • Limited edition (limited edition with quantity of circulation)
      • Specify the number of copies
      • Copy number for sale
    • Recurring product (products that can be repeated in an unlimited quantity)
  14. Please indicate the shipping cost. For your country and World prices, if necessary
  15. Enter the quantity of the product.
  16. Type of packaging in which the goods will be sent
  17. Add delivery options where required
    • Sender country
    • The time you need to pack the goods and send them through delivery services
    • Delivery company - indicate the approximate number of days of delivery in your region.
    • select shipping cost: Free / Fixed price.
    • Repeat all steps for another region. If necessary, you can create different shipping costs for different regions.
  18. Come up with a name for your delivery profile. => Save

Save your product card. It will appear in the general product catalog.

To activate product cards, select the seller's Basic or Premium tariff

3. Editing a product

Go to the page -My profile - My works

Each product has a -Manage- button where you can:

  • Edit product information
  • Promote your product on the website
  • Change product price
  • Receive a certificate of deposit for your product (for Premium plan)
  • Submit your work to participate in various Activities => Exhibitions, Competitions, Auctions
  • Delete a product card (Works participating in Activities cannot be deleted).

You can arrange product cards in a sequence convenient for you

4. Orders and delivery

When an order for your product arrives, you will see an order icon.

Go to the section -Orders and delivery-

When you first log in, you need to attach a seller card* to which payments for the sale will be credited. All information is stored on the side of Tinkoff Bank

* - You can change your card details later in the "Orders and Delivery" section - Delivery Settings.

5. Dispatch

Once you receive an order, you have information about your customer.

  • Buyer details, country
  • Order number
  • Order price
  • Recipient's address (if the necessary information is missing, you can contact the buyer by writing a message to him on the website)
  • After sending the goods, enter the tracking number in the appropriate field.

6. Receive payment

After the buyer accepts delivery, the Order will automatically move to the completed category.

Payment for your goods will be made to the previously specified card.


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