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You can place information about your events on the site in the "Poster" section, for this you need:

  1. Create an account on the site as "Organization", confirm your email (check SPAM)
  2. Press "+Add" button to select "Event".
  3. Fill in all the necessary fields:
    1. Category,
    2. Age restrictions,
    3. Venue,
    4. Prices,
    5. Event Poster,
    6. Announcement and description,
    7. additional photos.
    8. Save the created event.
  4. After waiting for moderator's check.
  5. Refill your balance in your "Personal Profile" on the site to publish the "Event".
  6. If necessary, you can use the Promotion options.

Prices for post and promotion in the "Poster" section

Description Prices

1. Posting news/announcements in the Playbill section and relevant subsections (Exhibitions, Festivals).


2. Posting news/announcements in social networks (FB, Dzen, Instagram)


3. Placement of the event in the "Poster" section on the main page

from 5€

4. Additional shows in VIP-block

from 5€

5. Highlighting the announcement with color in the news feed (for 7 days)


6. Additional time at the top of Afisha (from 1 day)


E-mail newsletter (22,000+ subscribers)

Description Prices

First place in the newsletter: 400 pix wide picture, headline with a link to your site.


Customized mailing: The standard layout includes: a large 600x400px picture, text description, link to your website. You can also provide your own newsletter layout.

Off-topic individual mailing: An individual mailing with information or an offer that does not match the theme of the site.

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