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Annex I. Intellectual Property Rights

1. All Content posted in the Marketplace, including works of literature, design and their parts, text, photos, graphics, programs, scripts, sounds, videos and other results of creative work, is the object of exclusive rights of the Marketplace Owner or Shop Owners, third parties; all rights to these objects are protected by law and must be observed accordingly.

2. The Marketplace and Content may contain information protected by law. With the exception of the Content of Store Owners, all Marketplace Content is owned by the Marketplace Owner or provided to him/her with the permission of third parties.

3. No Content may be reproduced, communicated to the public (made available to the public), distributed, otherwise used in whole or in part, without the permission of the right holder, including those expressed directly in the Marketplace or through the Site.

4. By uploading and/or posting Content to the Marketplace, Store Owner automatically authorizes royalty-free use of its Content:

  • to other Customers by viewing, listening, reproduction for personal non-commercial use, except for cases when such use causes or may cause damage to the legally protected interests of the right holder, for the time of such viewing, listening;
  • To the Marketplace Owner by viewing, listening, reproduction on the Fair, recording, communication to the public (bringing to the public attention) and translation or other processing for the normal operation of the Marketplace and its popularization, on the territory of the whole world during the whole period of validity of the exclusive rights to the specified Content. The Contractor may initiate creation of derivative works on the basis of the Shop Owner's Content and/or insert the Shop Owner's Content as constituent parts in other websites and other constituent works and complex results of intellectual activity, perform other actions that serve solely to achieve the specified purposes (normal operation of the Marketplace and its popularization).

5. The use of the Content to which the Customer has obtained access is allowed provided that the property rights of the right holders and personal non-property rights of the authors are observed, including preservation of the copyright symbol, other copyright notices, the name (pseudonym) of the author and the object of copyright or related rights itself unchanged.

6. The Shop Owner may not place Content of other websites and other objects of exclusive rights in the Marketplace in the absence of the explicit consent of the right holder to such actions, except for placement of its own Content.

7. Any use of the Marketplace and Content, except as allowed in these Rules or in case of explicit consent of the author (right holder) to such use, without prior written permission of the right holder, is prohibited. In case of receipt of a reasoned complaint from the respective right holder about violation of his legally protected rights, the Executor reserves the right to take measures provided for in Section 6 of the Rules against the violator.

8. By placing its Content in the Marketplace, the Store Owner authorizes the Contractor to make copies of its Content in order to facilitate its reproduction (including storage) and communication to the public (making it available to the public). At the same time, the Store Owner is personally responsible for ensuring the safety and creation of backup copies of the Content he places in the Marketplace.

9. The rights granted by the Store Owner in respect of its Content in accordance with clause 4 of this Appendix shall cease to apply if it removes its Content from the Marketplace. Nevertheless, the Contractor shall be entitled to retain archived copies of such Content for an indefinite period of time.

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