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What are rating and rating points?

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The rating is necessary in order to provide active site sellers with maximum opportunities.

The higher the account's rating in the system, the more opportunities it has.

What does the rating depend on and how many points does it bring?

1.1. website visits +50 points per day
1.2. not visiting the site -100 points per day
2. from left marks “like” (like) +5 points, but not more than 300 per day
3. +10 points based on the number of added works, but not more than 200 per day
4. depending on the number of works you delete (negative) -100 point
5. from participation in competitions +150 points
6. Voting for competition participants +10 points for work, without restrictions
7. from viewing advertising content +100 points, but not more than 1000 per day
8. from posting advertisements for various events +20 points, but not more than 100 per day

What can you spend it on? (select payment with rating points)

  1. Purchase of a “Premium” account 1, 6, 12 month – form 10,000 rating points
  2. Purchase of a “Basic” account 1, 6, 12 month – form 5,000 rating points
  3. Posting your items in the section VIP
  4. Posting your items on the main page of the site in the section Promo
  5. Posting on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Dzen, VK, Telegram)
  6. Participation in site activities: contests; exhibitions; auctions.
  7. Publication of news in the section -Poster-
  8. Buy or give a gift (section under development)
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