Main | Art magazine | About how it was then and how it is now, funny cartoons that make you think and laugh.
About how it was then and how it is now, funny cartoons that make you think and laugh.

About how it was then and how it is now, funny cartoons that make you think and laugh.

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Caricature is quite close to "big" painting, although caricaturists sometimes do not pay much attention to the technique of drawing, focusing more on its meaning and humor, which are the main ones. In this article we wanted to present a nostalgic selection of cartoons about how it used to be and what it is now, good there are real little humorous masterpieces, allowing you to laugh, and then think, and maybe draw conclusions about the need to change something in your life.

Doing things on your own

In the past, children were probably more independent, used to do simple artwork, go to the store and even look after very young brothers and sisters already at the age of five. And where to go - parents at artwork, and it was not customary to babysit children unnecessarily. But nowadays, a fully grown boy has decided to do the feat of walking to the nearest school on his own, and his answer shows a rare lack of confidence in the success of this endeavor.

Thin and fat

How about this cartoon that reflects the problems of being overweight. Technology has indeed gotten thinner, but it's harder to say that about people.


At the same time, we can ironize about the very rapid evolution of cell phones and draw parallels with Darwin's Theory of Evolution. But if you look deeper, many people communicate with smartphones much more than with ordinary people.

No husband, no children

Yes, and the attitude to the family was different, in Soviet times, a 40-year-old woman who, for whatever reason, could not marry, was considered a wastrel, survived pity and ridicule. And now a career-conscious businesswoman is a role model, she is openly envied, and a husband and children are considered an unnecessary burden for a truly happy life.

Children in families

The numbe of children in families is decreasing with each generation, as this cartoon clearly demonstrates. Except that this trend eventually leads to loneliness, albeit at first comfortable and unencumbered. But in old age, the cat will not take care of as grown up children, although young fatalists always forget about it for some reason.

Night vigils

The leisure time of many people has especially changed with the advent of smartphones - an endless feed of pictures, articles and videos, capable of adjusting to the interests of users distracts from normal sleep and in general from life, takes it to the virtual plane. But it is much better to sleep soundly for 8 hours and wake up rested than after such a dubious leisure. And then we see such girls in the subway in the morning, and their only wish is to sleep for another hour, no matter what artwork or studies are involved.

Another "D

And the attitude to learning and teachers has become different - previously they demanded from the student, and now - from the teacher, saying that he did not teach. And if a young bum does not want to learn, and this state of affairs suits him - in general, teachers can only sympathize.

There's a new serial out

And we have also forgotten how to watch TV - although it is hardly that bad. But before, especially in the 90's, it was the only way to see various series, and they waited for them, adjusting their time to the program, which was printed in the newspapers. Now everything can be downloaded or watched in online cinemas at any time, the content has become too accessible, and therefore does not cause the proper emotions and interest as the first series on our TV.

And how do you think it was better before or now - write in the comments.

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