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Famous artists you were better off staying away from

Famous artists you were better off staying away from

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We continue thestory begun in one of our previous publications about artists whose work is better than themselves, characterized by a completely obnoxious character and disregard for others. However, this did not prevent them from creating truly grandiose works of art, and maybe even helped, or rather, the bad character was often a consequence of their fame and universal adoration.

Pablo Picasso.

This is especially characteristic of Pablo Picasso. Unlike many introverted artists, such as Maurice Utrillo, Van Gogh or Paul Gauguin, who are perceived by others as withdrawn and unpleasant types, Picasso was admired and always had many admirers, including the most beautiful and self-respecting women. And for good reason - Picasso knew how to charm, had an impressive charm and had the status of a recognized genius. Therefore, even a passing acquaintance with him helped to raise his reputation in society, which was used by many influential and wealthy people.

Absinthe lover

And Picasso was also very even partial to women, and did not particularly pay attention to whether the lady is free or married. But even husbands-carriers boasted that their spouse drew the attention of Picasso himself. It was honorable and enviable - to be the husband of a woman who slept with the maestro of painting himself.

The old guitarist

Except that close acquaintance with the artist became fatal for many. His first wife Olga Khokhlova went mad, the second - Jacqueline Rock committed suicide. The fate of Picasso's mistresses was no better, they also went mad and committed suicide, as if close contact with Picasso sucked out all their common sense and was so sizzling that it was almost impossible to escape without being damaged by his inordinate ego.

Two women running on the beach

So the pictures where Picasso's women look like something unimaginable and monstrous at the same time had a good reason - such a mess they must have left in their heads after a relationship with such a complex and egoistic type, as Picasso was.

In love and friendship he did not tolerate half-measures and did not recognize the opinions of others, and his friends and mistresses could only completely dissolve into Picasso's unimaginable ego.

The boy with the pipe

He quarreled with all his friends, even with the meek and very friendly Marc Chagall. No one could stand the close relationship and friendship with Picasso, so it is just the case when it is better to limit yourself to just a casual acquaintance and admiration of paintings.

A girl on a balloon

Michelangelo Buonarotti made a completely different impression on others. Since childhood, he often got from his father and brothers, who were very dissatisfied with his chosen profession, which was then considered not too prestigious. Perhaps that is why Michelangelo became withdrawn, avoided society and very much valued his solitude. He even preferred to work alone, although he could easily engage apprentices and apprentices for the roughest and heaviest jobs.

Daniele da Volterra. Portrait of Michelangelo Buonarotti.

He had a single passion - art and to creativity he treated with a real obsession. He worked to exhaustion, went to bed in the same clothes that created, because after many hours of "creative watch" forces to undress in Michelangelo was not. Food, rest, sleep - all only in the amount necessary not to die, entertainment he did not recognize. However, he followed the activities of his colleagues and did not miss the opportunity to say something about them, even if it was a universal favorite Raphael Santi.

The Last Judgment, general view

And Michelangelo also had sharp mood swings and conceit - then suddenly in all the public proclaimed himself an unsurpassed genius, then recognized nothing and talentless.

The Creation of Adam

Even his powerful patrons and customers, in particular, Pope Leo X said: "he is terrible, it is better not to have any dealings with him and stay away from him". But they still turned to Michelangelo, because no one but Michelangelo could, for example, paint the Sistine Chapel with such unrivaled skill.

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