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Genius artists and not-so-good people. Is it possible to justify bad character?

Genius artists and not-so-good people. Is it possible to justify bad character?

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Some artists can not be called "white and fluffy", and their acquaintances and friends can only sympathize - often see these types of pleasure below average. With all this they managed to create truly unique works of art, often disproving the statement that genius and villainy - things incompatible. We will talk about genius artists and not too good people in this article.

Salvador Dali. The permanence of memory

Salvador Dali was characterized by a truly grandiose conceit - what is only worth the phrase: "surrealism - it is me. And he also thoroughly maintained the image of a talented madman, about whose eccentricities and eccentric antics were judged by everyone. And a walk with an anteater was just a child's prank.

However, for Dali in this was a certain sense - the more they talk about him and the more often his name appears in the secular chronicle, the more expensive you can sell his paintings at auctions.

Salvador Dali. Swans reflected in elephants

He could hurt the closest people - for example, wrote a picture: "Sometimes I spit on the portrait of my mother for fun," to death ruined with his father, sister and the Spanish poet Federico Lorca, who with Dali connected far from only friendly relations.

Salvador Dali. The Temptation of St. Anthony

Dali most of all loved the pretense and posturing, even with his sister fought because of what she wrote in her memoirs about him as a completely normal person. And he also got so used to his mask of an eccentric and eccentric genius surrealist, it gradually became his true nature. So the declaration of love to Hitler is just a part of his epatage, albeit a very ambiguous one.

Lucien Freud. Reflection

Lucian Freud was the grandson of the famous master of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and a famous artist who painted naturalistic paintings where the main characters were usually nude women and men, such as the Sleeping Social Worker.

Lucien Freud. The sleeping social worker

His behavior from a young age was quite consistent with the image of a rebel and refuter of the foundations of society. At the age of 11, he beat his classmates, whose fault was only that they do not know German and did not understand it. The patience of the school administration broke down and young Lucien was kicked out of school, but he himself gave reason to accuse himself of indecent behavior - on a dare he ran around the school naked, and this sight for prim Englishmen seemed quite unacceptable.

Lucien Freud. The blue gelding

When Lucien grew up, he did not settle down too much. Fights, drunkenness, gambling at the races, socializing with London gopniks, and even real criminals were the order of the day for him. His acquaintances said they never saw him smiling.

And Freud carefully concealed his personal life, which was very turbulent - he had from 14 to 40 children from different women, many of whom he did not even remember - there is little doubt that could be on a drunken binge with some model, which were crowded around the famous artist. However, Freud always preferred to depict people not beautiful, but interesting, and in this concept he put his own, very peculiar meaning.

A girl with a white dog.

Freud could not be called a good father - many of his offspring he did not even see, it was absurd - the writer Esther Freud, who came Luciena daughter to finally meet her father, was forced to pose him nude.

And what do you think, whether the personal qualities of the artist are important, or only his creativity makes sense - write in the comments.

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