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World Art Assembly

World Art Assembly
11 march - 11 april
10:00 - 22:00
г.Москва, пр.Андропова, д.1

World Art Assembly



XXIV International Festival of Children and Youth Creativity and Pedagogical Innovations "World Art Assembly".

Festival Dates: November 23-30, 2023 (10:00-22:00)
Registration deadline: until November 16, 2023

Venue / the address where the festival will take place:
City Promenade "Dream Islands", Moscow Square (Russia, Moscow, Andropov Ave., d.1).

Festival organizer:
Eurasian Art Union
World Art Fund
Producer group "NextArt"
Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts
Russian branch of World Art Fund
Eurasian Art Union

In the age of global computerization and Informatization, the creative development of children and teenagers is very important. It is only creativity develops the imagination, teaches to create, shape aesthetic receptivity to the world and the beautiful rating. Therefore, the main purpose of the festival is not only to present to the General public the creative works of young talents, but also to promote children's and teenager creativity, as well as to identify and disseminate innovative methods in the development of children's and adolescent creativity, based on the use of modern achievements of science and information technology.

- presentation of creative works of young talents to the General public;
- aesthetic education of youth;
- popularization of youth creativity;
- support of debut projects of young authors and performers, stimulation of creative potential of youth;
- strengthening the common cultural space and cultural ties;
- development of distinctive traditions of cultural heritage;
- interaction and interpenetration of cultures of different regions, cultural exchange between young authors and performers.

The Cup of Russia on Artistic Creativity "Assembly of Art" brings together three programs – exhibition, competition and training. Authors and organizations that have submitted an application on time, have the opportunity to exhibit their work in the exhibition hall during the festival.Participants of the festival participate in numerous master classes and lectures.
All works admitted to the exhibition participate in the competition program and are evaluated by members of the national and international jury.
The winners will receive prizes and bonuses for placement at exhibitions, competitions and galleries in Russia, Europe and Asia, participation in training programs, prizes in the form of materials and equipment, publications and interviews. The Russian Cup of Art is a part of the world art project "World Art Assembly", under the auspices of which similar festivals are organized in St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, Bratislava, London and Beijing. This allows the winners of the Russian Cup of artistic creativity to present their works in other countries.

There are two forms of participation in the festival: Full-time (in person) and part-time (online).
1) Full-time (in person) participation: the competition program of the festival provides original art objects;
2) Part-time (online) participation:photo images of works in electronic form and video-file of performances are provided for the competition program of the festival. Art objects are printed and posted in the General exposition of the exhibition, video files with performances are played during the period of the festival.

Participants of competitive programs include the following age groups:

- Category “Kids”: up to 7 years
- Category “Young”: from 8 to 10 years
- Category “Middle”: from 11 to 13 years old
- Category “Older”: from 14 to 16 years old
- Category “Junior”: from 17 to 21 years
- Category “Teacher”: not limited

These categories are evaluated by the jury members separately.

The festival includes the following thematic sections:
1) Exhibition-competition
2) Educational program (program of master classes, lectures);
3) Scientific and practical conference " Innovations in pedagogy".


Section "Fine Arts":
1) Painting Contest
2) Graphic Contest
3) Photography Contest
4) Sculpture Contest
5) Designers Dolls Contest
6) Arts & Crafts Contest
7) Textile Art Contest
8) Digital Art Contest

Section "Literature":
1) Read Contest
2) Literary competition (poetry, prose)

The festival hosts numerous workshops, lectures and creative meetings. Master classes will help authors navigate the modern diversity of the Art World. Students will be interested to learn about the specific techniques, materials and approaches used in the world practice of creating art objects, the structure and features of the functioning of the Russian and foreign art markets, programs to support talented authors.
For participants of the festival organized tours of museums and visits to the closed funds of a number of art schools and museums.
All master classes and lectures are exclusive and will be of interest to both children and teachers.

In order to create a unified communication platform for discussing and solving urgent problems of personal development in pre-professional and professional education, identifying and disseminating advanced methodological, organizational and managerial experience, the festival holds a Scientific and practical conference "Innovations in education".
Theme of the conference: "Innovations in art education. Vector of development and the main real practice".
Sections of the conference:
1) Innovation in learning
2) Innovations in education
3) Innovation in management
4) Innovations in training and retraining of education personnel

ТCreative works of authors and performers participate in the competition program and are evaluated by members of the Expert Council (jury), consisting of highly professional masters of contemporary art: artists, art critics, choreographers, theater critics, vocal teachers. According to the results of the jury's work, lists of winners in each age category and in each category are formed. The winners are awarded with cups, medals, diplomas of the organizing Committee and the Scientific Council of the competition, recommendations for artistic Directors, participation of the winners in a number of foreign exhibitions and festivals.

At the end of the festival is published catalog "New faces in Art" (New Faces in Arts). This catalog includes participants who have provided a complete set of registration materials.
It is possible to order the catalog by prior request.

We invite interested persons to take part in the festival and visit this colorful event, rich in a large educational and scientific-practical program.

We are waiting for You at the International Festival of Children and Youth Creativity and Pedagogical Innovations "Cup of Russia on Artistic Creativity-Assembly of Arts".

We invite interested persons to take part in the festival and visit this colorful event, rich in a large educational and scientific-practical program.

We are waiting for You at the International Festival

"Cup of Russia on Artistic Creativity-Assembly of Arts".

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