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Museum of Magic

Museum of Magic
01 january - 31 may
00:00 - 23:55
г.Москва, Novy Arbat, 7c1

Museum of Magic

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Here, powerful secret forces swirl: illusionists transform energy into matter, magicians harness the forces of nature and perform unprecedented shows, and the secret is revealed.

The Museum of Magic on Novy Arbat is:

  • 1400 square metres and three floors of magic and illusion in the centre of Moscow;
  • more than 200 exhibits in an interactive space for children and adults;
  • demonstration of tricks from Houdini, Kio, Copperfield and secrets of their tricks;
  • performance of magicians, master classes and magic school for children;
  • interactive rooms and photo zones; magic cafe and unique themed desserts;
  • a shop with magic items.

The exposition of the museum includes

Great masters of the past and the present

The museum has more than 200 exhibits. There are illusions of the famous magician, actor and philanthropist Harry Houdini, who spent his life denouncing charlatans and became a man-legend. You will get acquainted with the props for the performances of the famous magician, David Copperfield, and learn how he prepared his tricks. Several expositions of the museum tell about the magicians of the Soviet variety show - the Kio dynasty.

A special and honourable place is occupied by illusionists and magicians, Arutyun and Amayak Hakobyan. The Museum keeps personal belongings and attributes of this mysterious dynasty, kindly provided from the family archives. And Amayak Harutyunovich himself - a brilliant artist, a star of the world of magic tricks - can still be found in the Museum of Magic.

Magic exhibits

"Levitating Hat", "Iron Maiden", "Soaring Chest", a robot named Q, psaltery-samogoods, tricks with disappearing hand, passing through the wall and Houdini's "Chinese Torture Chamber" - only a small part of the interactive exposition that clearly shows how this or that trick is organised.

The Museum of Magic on Novy Arbat has one of the largest photo zones in Moscow, where you can feel yourself in the role of a real mystic and capture yourself, for example, on a magic carpet, or visit interactive rooms where you can enjoy a real "spiritualist séance" and the famous tricks of the "Escape Room" from the film Harry Potter. And the most persistent visitors are waiting for the "Scary" room.

Fantastic performance from professionals

The show of magicians takes place on the stage of the museum every hour and is included in the ticket price. You will become a participant of author's tricks - disappearance of a trunk, "Unscrewing of a head", card tricks and many others.

Why visit the Museum of Magic:

Here a child can explore the largest space of magic and illusion and learn how simple and complex magic tricks are arranged and realised.


  • get a masterclass from a professional illusionist;
  • to become a participant of magic performance and spiritualistic séance;
  • unlock the mystery of overcoming gravity; resist the revived interactive "terribly scary" paintings;
  • make an unusual photo session;
  • stock up on magical props and paraphernalia;
  • to be charged with positivity and a great mood.

After an exciting adventure through the museum you will be welcomed in the Museum's magical cafe. "Vanishing Waffles", "Euphoric Elixir", "All sorts of Potions" and the legendary cream beer that Harry Potter and his friends loved so much.

Birthdays and Christmas trees

The team of the Museum of Magic organises unforgettable holidays, children's and adult birthdays, corporate parties and Christmas trees, and all this takes place in specially prepared locations.

Within the walls of the museum you can pass exciting quests: "Sherlock Holmes" and "Harry Potter" for adults, "Alice in Wonderland" and Among Us for children and teenagers. Or vice versa.

For those who want to master magic, become an illusionist, magician, superhuman - everything starts at the Museum of Magic!

Tel: 8 (800) 550-82-04

Opening hours:

  • 10:00 to 21:00
  • Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00.

You can find out more details on the official website: https://magicmuseum.ru/msk/

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