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Light of the soul

Light of the soul
04 may - 04 june
10:00 - 21:00
г.Москва, Варшавское ш. 97

Light of the soul


4.05 in the shopping center “Retail Park” in the space ArtFutureGallery will be the opening of a personal exhibition of Maria Alimina called Light of the soul.

From the artist: “All my paintings are permeated by one invisible thread - to show that there is always and everywhere light, that the world is not as flat as it seems. And it is through texture painting that I manage to express some part of the volume.

Thus, in addition to the visual effect, my artwork has the possibility of tactile perception, which is even more immersed in the depth of feeling.
Each painting is a disclosure of one of the facets of the inner world, be it tenderness, femininity, strength of spirit, faith, support, a sense of freshness, novelty, etc.
Each painting can be felt and everyone will respond to it in their own way.
But the main thing that unites all my creative work is the desire to make this world more beautiful and to pass a part of my creative energy to other people.
Inspire, heal, awaken, strengthen, revive - the main task of my artwork.
May love and beauty be as much as possible in our lives!”

You can view the artist's artwork on personal page

The exhibition will be open from May 04 to June 04, 2024.

Address: 97 Varshavskoe highway, Retail Park shopping center, Art Future Gallery.

Organizing and holding solo exhibitions in Moscow at Art Future Gallery

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