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Journey into the world of landscape

Journey into the world of landscape
04 may - 04 june
10:00 - 22:00
г.Москва, Варшавское ш. 97

Journey into the world of landscape


4.05 in the shopping center “Retail Park” will be the opening of a personal exhibition of Natalia Levushkina called “Journey into the world of landscape”.

Natalia creates abstract and semi-abstract paintings in an interesting modern technique “Interior texture painting”. Natalia's paintings are distinguished by a variety of textures, colors, allow viewers to feel the amazing and magical beauty of nature.

Natalia was born in Moscow in 1979. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations, lives and works in Moscow. One of the longest periods of her life is connected with her artwork in the civil service in Rosimuschestvo.

Not long ago Natalia's life was not at all connected with creativity and painting, although the craving for creativity was present throughout her life. In her childhood it was circles and contests at school, at an older age - master classes in art studios. Probably in the life of every person comes some turning point, when it becomes clear that it is time to change something in your life. This is the moment in Natalia's life. She was trained in interior painting on the courses “Interior Artist” and “Glow” in the school of interior painting Ludmila Lipovskaya. Now Natalia is a member of the creative association Art Wave, participates in exhibitions and fairs, and now her first solo exhibition.

You can view the artist's artwork on personal page

The exhibition will be open from May 04 to June 04, 2024.

Address: 97 Varshavskoe Shosse, Retail Park shopping center, Art Future Gallery.

Organizing and holding solo exhibitions in Moscow at Art Future Gallery

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