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Цветок Жизни. Дыхание танца
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Цветок Жизни. Дыхание танца
Картины, Холст, Масло
70 х 100 х 2 (см)
Год создания:
350 000 ₽
Отправка из Россия, Москва
Уникальный экземпляр

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Описание работы

Прекрасное произведение передающие тонкие энергетические настройки гармонии и созидания.
Купава/оберег трава/лотос/киты/эфир/вода/свет/тьма

Александра  Синюгина
Александра Синюгина

I’am a naturalist and expressionist from Russia. I was born in the Moscow region on July 28th, 1978, and currently live and work in Moscow at Research institute. I will try to attract viewers’ attention not just with my works, but also as a very interesting character.

I am professional doctor and work for the benefit of people; I have a Ph.D in medicine in the field of Virology. I had received many state awards for my work the field of infectious disease science, including the Piragov's Order of Merit during the 2020 Pandemic. In addition to my main activity, I have been passionate about painting and art since childhood.

My passion for painting pursued me all my life and I really wanted to learn how to draw. Although at the time it was a dream, unfortunately, my parents did not share my desires; in fact, they were in every possible way against my interest in drawing. This fact, of course, increased my interest in a “forbidden” topic. All my free time at the medical institute, I secretly and quite independently studied painting. There was no computer at the time, and I had to learn from the books of famous artists, repeating and catching the transfer of color from their works.

My favorite artist is Joseph Mallord William Turner. His work amazed me imagination and excited my mind. Later, as I have matured, I have had more resources and opportunities to devote time to creativity. Painting for me is something more than work; it is a part of my inner world, which revealed by all the colors in all my pictures. Of course, in the process of creativity, there were also failures, but I treat them with gratitude, since any failure leads me to even greater diligence and achievement of success.

In my works, I try to convey all the beauty of the moment of nature, the blooming and brilliance of the petals of summer flowers, sketches in nature, still life – all these directions are most characteristic of me.

My work recognized not only by art lovers, but also professionally among artists.

I have independently learned the basics of painting, mastered and owns various tools for drawing. In the vast sea of possibilities of art, I chose oil paints, this material fell in love with me for its texture, possibilities of colors, smell and bring me inspiration and pleasure from drawing.

“I love nature, the breath of life on our World, the colors of nature and the play of light and shadow. Our world is beautiful and magnificent in its colors, they fill us with the energy of life, heal from the ailments of the soul, help to find peace in ourselves, which is especially important right now.”

In my manner and character of drawing, a warm gamut of color appears; this fills my work with warmth and comfort, I am giving peace and tranquility in my painting. I love to find new shades by mixing classic colors on the palette and getting a new mono color, which I have already use to convey. I love the texture of oil paints so much that do not use a thinner, but applies the paint in its pure form, with a stroke, which often conveys the texture of the subject on the canvas. In my works, notes of impression caught, but this does not at all interfere with getting a clear vision of the subject in the picture. All my works depicted on canvas on a stretcher, which is an integral part of my work, since the canvas with its fabric texture in the best way adds artistry to the work.

I am a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia and was included in the Unified Register of Professional Artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, “Russian Diaspora,” the Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union (XVIII-XXI centuries) My artworks exhibited at various local exhibitions and sale through international galleries. The Art Show International gallery is doing my solo exhibition right now.

Please, enjoy my creativity; it will bring you only positive emotions and good mood.


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